Avodah changes things.

We build software that helps people and organizations do good with excellence, and without compromise.

Nobody likes 1-star apps

The truth is...

many businesses struggle to get the most value from technology. With a well-defined strategy, clear goals, and a team of experts, we’ll help you create and execute a plan that makes technology work for you.

Not to be a pain, but we aren't fully satisfied with 4-star apps either.

We love building great software products...

    • Mobile

    • Web

    • Business Enablement

    • Process Automation

But great software requires great people as well.

Let’s Go!

Your customers need your value.

Your team needs the best tools for their job.

Let’s build and implement a plan that pushes your business forward for years to come.

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What is Avodah?

Avodah is both our name and our commitment to integrity - excellence without compromise. It is a Hebrew word that describes an integrated life of worship, work, and service. After 20 years of professional experience, neither of us had quite found what we were looking for, and knew it was time to build something together.

We wanted to be authentic with our clients.

We wanted to build contracts people could read.

We wanted to build products that made an impact.

We wanted to leave companies better than we found them.

And our wives and kids absolutely had to love our work as much as we do.

Avodah, both our business and the word itself, is the space we get to do that.