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We Design & Build
Technology Solutions

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The truth is

Many businesses struggle to get the most value from technology.

With a well-defined strategy, clear goals, and a team of experts, we'll help you create and execute a plan that makes technology work for you.

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3 Steps To Begin

You Deserve A Clear Process

1 Let's Talk

Building great software isn't a magic trick. It starts with relationships.

2 Proposal

We build a proposal to share vision, process, and responsibilities.

3 Magic

There is work to do, but there is no trick because we believe the journey can feel magical.

Product Thinking

Thinking Product

Building brilliant software requires ongoing iteration and integration of business value, user experience, and technical viability. We facilitate this with conversations that build understanding and actions build trust.

Work We Love To Do

Web  |  Mobile  |  Business Enablement  |  Process Automation

Making Mobile Magical

I'm sure you've seen this before - a powerful business solution trapped in a pre-mobile world, chained to a full screen computer. We built a React Native mobile app to unleash the power of pinching, scrolling, and adding information with a tap, all in the power of your hands. Increasing our belief that phones are modern magic wands.

Innovating Industries 


Textbooks have their place, but no software should look or feel like using a textbook. Lingco was aiming to change the game in for language learners, and is still on mission today. Starting pre-revenue, we helped build features that led to first customers and first contracts. Let's be real though, when it's pre-revenue, you help with everything. In 2020, Avodah's co-founder, Nate, went through Techstars with the team as Lingco scaled from hundreds to tens of thousands of Monthly Active Users and continued to expand its features to new customers.  

Automation Transformation

What do you get when you mix robotics, Arduino, computer vision, machine learning, and custom fabrication? A really cool project under NDA...

However, come under NDA with us and we can talk a bit more. What we can say is that the fancy SEO words (AI, ML, etc.) weren't just hype. We used computer vision and machine learning and all kinds of custom built solutions to out-categorize (2x - 3x) and out-process (2x+) every other player in the game.

Spreadsheet Alchemy


Don't lie - you have a spreadsheet that runs a part of your business and it's a little scarier than you are willing to admit. 

We've all been there. 

We built an integrated solution for customers to coordinate with the weather (#ambitious), delivery services, and an exotic animal retailer. This made life easier on the our friend working the spreadsheets, and it made a world of difference for the customer. 

People We Love To Work With



If you live to see set free from boring, frustrating, or constricting. If your ideas bring people alive and give them courage and vision, then you are the kind of person we want to work with.



Founders see the world from the future. And as crazy, unforgiving, and unpredictable as it is to walk with them, we love to do it. We love to work with founders and help bring their ideas to life. 



You don't settle for, "That's how we've always done it." You're not afraid of making a mistakes on the way to making something game changing. We love working with people who think transformation. 


About Avodah

We are Nate & Andrew and we build things we love with people we love to work with. The work we do and the people we work with says a lot about us. That's one simple way to think of the word "Avodah," ensuring how you work is also how you want to live. 

That being said, our favorite 'projects' happen in our homes. We are husbands and fathers and those 'jobs' are truly our favorite. We are always up for a good adventure, but in all the beautiful places we've been, we still believe Michigan in the fall is a wonder to behold.


Let's Talk

If you saw yourself in one of our projects or the people we love to work with, let's chat and see what kind of awesome we can imagine together. 

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